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The MTNA e-Journal for November features my article "Feinberg on Sound Production and Technique," a discussion of the marvelous Soviet pianist's ideas about performance and pedagogy.


My goal as a teacher is to help my students to feel competent, curious and joyful about making music. This means developing sensitivity, so that each musician feels that practice is a fascinating process of developing ideas about the musical work and deciding how to convey them to the listener. Next, I help the student gain the tools, the mental and physical strategies, that simplify the process of changing an idea about music into a convincing performance.

No matter our level, we are all working at the same project of understanding and communicating music. Each of us brings a unique outlook and experience to the process of interpreting a musical work. My goal is to cultivate that uniqueness, using traditions of performance practice and style analysis for inspiration.


I have 15 years teaching experience with children, adults, professionals and amateurs. I have taught piano in a class setting as well as privately. I hold the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Manhattan School of Music and am a member of the Music Teachers National Association, Wisconsin Music Teachers Association and North East Wisconsin Piano Teachers Forum. My articles on pedagogy and performance practice have appeared in Clavier Companion, the MTNA e-Journal and American Music Teacher. I'm currently serving as Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay.

Courses of study are designed to meet the goals and schedules of individual students. They will include repertoire study, music theory, and technique; they may include also improvisation, and score-reading. Please contact me for more specific information.


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